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    eBay buyers not paying?

    Twice i have sold the same item and both times the person who bought it has not paid. This is really frustrating because i need to get it off of my hands. The second buyers reviews all say he pays fast but i have gotten nothing. Not even an email from any of them. Any tips for this? Because when i put this back up i dont want a 3rd buyer not paying. I dont think there is anything wrong with my PayPal. I have the right email for them to pay. Can anyone help? Any tips? Because this is the first item i have ever sold on ebay and no payment both times.
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    Call and verify with Paypal to make sure your account is OK, since buyer says they paid. Usually buyers are the ones emailing me to ship the item since they already paid for it. If buyer is not communicating with you, then most likely they are just bailing out of the transaction which they are not supposed to do. Unfortunately sellers can not do anything but relist the item. Non paying buyers gets like a three strikes and can get banned from ebay. It must be just bad luck that you got two non paying bidders right after one another, third time might be your charm. Good luck.
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    • Have you sent an invoice? Have you given a few days for them to pay? Is your Paypal email address up to date? I have had that happen. On the 4th day open an Unpaid Item dispute.

      by Flower - 6 hours ago

    • When I was doing ebay often, I would usually send an email with a polite tone, saying that 'if you no longer want the item, please let me know, so I can sell it to the next person in line.' That usually did the trick, and they paid up. Once or twice, I never heard back from them, so I blocked those individuals from any future purchases. Good luck!

      by makeupfan - 6 hours ago

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