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    Inventors, have you used an invention company?

    If you have used any of these companies, were you happy with their help? Did they help you? Was what they said they would do to help vs what they did to help you accurate? If you used one of these companies, would you again or what alternative would you use instead?
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    Here's some invention info, including some complaints about one assistance service: Comprehensive article on Invention services by Patent Attorneys http://www.bpmlegal.com/pinvmktg.html http://www.wini2.com/ Unbiased evaluations "Invent Land" davison.com A complaint and company response. http://www.getpayback.com/inventions-inventing-services/davison-inventing/ http://www.complaintsboard.com/byurl/davison.com.html complaints Just know the vast majorities of invention ideas cost people thousands with nothing to show in the end, hence it's easy to find complaints against such companies
    a year ago

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    • By definition, these companies are not attorneys, and certainly not YOUR attorneys. Only a law firm or lawyer can give you legal advice, having obtained the necessary licenses to do so, not to mention carrying liability insurance. If an invention company messes things up and your $40 million-dollar idea becomes non-patentable, you get your fees back, but not the $40 mil. If your patent attorney screws it up, you can ask for the whole $40 mil damages due to professional malpractice. Also interesting whether a company has the same strict obligation of client confidentiality as a licensed attorney...

      by beSee-n-u - 2 hours ago

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