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    Can you get investors for an app which hasn't been created?

    I have an idea for an app but I have no programming skills and no money to pay someone to create it for me. It is a very huge app and it would require a lot of money to help develop and market it. So I was wondering whether an investor would fund an app idea, even if it hasn't been created.
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    Sorry, having nothing but a good idea is not going to get you anywhere, you have to put some skin in the game up font to get something like that to go anywhere, at least a few hundred dollars for a prototype or mockup demo app. If you had a proven business / app creation track record there's a better chance of getting funding from some startup crowd funding site like Kickstarter.com Quirky.com is a crowd inception site that helps people turn physical product ideas into something real, with the help of other members. Probbly not for apps.
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    • lol ... yeah good luck with that one.

      by Mark - 12 hours ago

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