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    Should I use social networks besides Facebook and twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a website and of course it's the norm to make a Facebook and/or twitter for it for marketing purposes. I see that people have links on their sites for all sorts of social networks. Is that a wise thing to do? Won't you have to update them all at the same time? If someone follows you on all of them, won't they get like 3x, 4x, 5x the updates for the same thing? Example: I say "new section added for music". If I say that on all of my networks, won't some people get that update in multiple doses?
    a year ago 12 Answers

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    Use wordpress platform for your site. It's good for SEO and mostly compatible with social media such as facebook or twitter. Use plugins on your site. After that you can set automatically which posting to share on that social media. It's easy but if you want to get more specific target audience you can use this trick: Visit and use this to grow your specific audience: http://bit.ly/1nwfrOP For more website choices you can visit associatethemes.com
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    Other Answers

    • It's good to have your business on as much social media platforms other than facebook and twitter because not everyone likes to use facebook or twitter. There are other platforms such as instagram or reddit etc. where people would browse around for quick info on those sites, rather than use facebook or twitter. So bottom line, the more your business is out there on social media sites, the more exposure you get, but you might want to research where your market hangs out first, and then decide which social media platform best suits your business

      by ? - 14 hours ago

    • facebook will increase traffic

      by Kirsty - 14 hours ago

    • yes you can use both

      by Ellie - 14 hours ago

    • fabook is best than others

      by Lynne - 14 hours ago

    • i like to use facebook

      by Belinda - 14 hours ago

    • facebook will give good results than twitter

      by Hollie - 14 hours ago

    • yes , try to start with facebook

      by Angelique - 14 hours ago

    • yes ,use good one like facebook

      by Lia - 14 hours ago

    • Along with the social networks you can also use social bookmarking sites with high authority and which are relevant to your niche. It will bring traffic as well as give you a link back. Moreover you can also make a blog of your own. Their you can write and share quality posts. It will make huge effect.

      by ? - 14 hours ago

    • yes

      by Eleni - 14 hours ago

    • yes , facebook is better

      by Ceirrie - 14 hours ago

    • Facebook

      by Bailey - 14 hours ago

    • facebook is good

      by Daniella - 14 hours ago

    • use other platforms such as instagram or reddit

      by Sharna - 14 hours ago

    • both are good

      by Taylor - 14 hours ago

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