Any cheap T-shirt printing companies?

Hey Guys,
I am trying to print a certain t-shirts for my club but I found no cheap printing t-shirt companies. But I notice all the other clubs print their t-shirts for less money like $5 all the websites I find, print t-shirts for more than $10, and I was reminded by my sponsor more than 5 times that we don't funds.
So, please tell me few websites that print t-shirts for less than $10.

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A search for t-shirt dropshipping might bring up an ad from for $6.00 shirts in any quantity (1/2 their usual price).

Yahoo put 2 ads under your question:
$4.66 each for 24 shirts Group discounts. Free shipping!

$2.15 T-Shirt & Printing
Free Set-up. Includes Shirt & Print Free Shipping! 25pc min. Pay Online

5 months ago

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you might try local businesses who do that, you might find better prices locally

by tro - 5 months ago

Your best bet is to find a local t-shirt shop. There are lots of services on the internet like Cafepress & Zazzle, and all of them are horrible - their markup is tremendous and the quality looks amateurish. A local shop will help you print shirts at a far more reasonable price, especially if you're buying in bulk.

You might even be able to save more money by buying blank tees and bringing them to the printer. Many shirt brands (especially Gildan) sell blanks for VERY low prices online.

by Mark N - 4 months ago