Are the offers for a free this or free that real?

I seen online where i can complete 2 offers something as simple a paying shipping to try out another product. They say you get either an iphone or ipad. Do these things actually work or is it fake? Has anyone ever done this and actually got the gift?
you have to work for it so thats why i was confused? Don't go all hate mode! For some reason every one does that.
This is one that says 2 offers and the first two is a knife set and the second is for a trial that you have to pay just shipping for.

Has anyone gotten any items this way

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Read the fine print. It's not two offers. Most require you AND three of your friends to complete 12 offers. These offers combined will end up costing over $3000
And if one of your friends doesn't complete all 12 offers you don't get anything
So nobody actually gets the items. Legally it's not a scam as they would give an iPad if a person and 3 of their friends all completed 12 offers. But in reality this won't happen

5 months ago

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Yeah everyone just gives out free $500 tech products. Thats how they make money, giving away everything. Sounds completely legit to me.

by Lvarg - 5 months ago

Most of those offers are fake. They usually make you sign up for multiple free trials with other companies (who pay them a commission). So, they are getting paid the cost of the product they are sending your way (e.g. ipad/iphone).

What you end up with is free trials for stuff you don't need or want. In the worst case, if you dont read the fine print, you have to keep paying for the products for a short while after. This ends up costing you more than the cost of the ipad/phone you got for free.

Save yourself the headache and just save enough to buy it directly.

by Shawn - 5 months ago

These free ipad, iPhone, $500 gift card offers are mostly scams, with very low if any payoff rates.
The typical free iPhone offer will require you to enter into 13 different product purchases or trials, most costing you some money, these offers typically place near impossible obstacles to your actually winning something, like requiring you solicit to others who must also complete the requirements.

These are all for profit ventures, even sites offering free designer sunglasses will tack on $8.95 shipping and handling fees that earns them a profit.

That being said, here are some example sties discussing smaller free/sample offers

by Jake - 5 months ago

i have TRIED (and failed) to watch free (illegal) movies like that. i am not sure if i am not doing it right but you have to fill in lets say 2 (the number is always different) offers. you will fill in 1, it will "not go through" you have to pick another one from their list.

after filling out about 5 i gave up. i have a feeling they all went through and are currently filling my spam folder.

by dourdan - 5 months ago