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    What is the importance of good communication in business?

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    How would a team of people work effectively together without good communication? Why would a customer trust a company if communications were poor? How would a supplier believe he was going to be paid on time if the company does not communicate clearly what it wants and the conditions of purchase? Why would someone invest in a company that was poor at providing investors with information about the company, its aims and current performance. In other words, a lot of the activity of a business is about good communication.
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    • To unify an organization, By letting each person see his continuing relationship to the action of others as, collectively, they work to attain a common goal. Now in the ABSENCE of good communications the grapevine gets its most active usage, and the grapevine carries rumors and outright lies more often then it does the truth and that can bring harm to a business.

      by dallas - 18 hours ago

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