What are the messages being intended to communicate with these two logos?

So I got this question here about the City of Melbourne logo and I really have no idea what message it sends out? I think the information below pretty much summed up the ideas I had in my mind.

Read and Evaluate which of the two logos best communicates the message it was intended to communicate.

In 2009, Melbourne City Council has unveiled their new $240,000 logo. The new look is designed to send a message that Melbourne is moving into a modern and energetic era. It was thought that the old logo sent a message that Melbourne was an historic city, with a great climate and lots of ‘green belts’. The council wanted a new logo to let people know Melbourne is a modern city ‘on the move’.
Here's a link for the two logos. The one on the left is the old one , the one on the right is the new one.

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I don't get a message either. Until I rtead the blurb I hadn't even recognised an M for Melbourne.
This sort of thing, to me, is the 21st century version of the fairy story "The Emporer's new clothes". I don't know of you have it in Australia. Conmen make an invisible suit for the Emporer, charge him a fortune for it, and everyone is too scared to admit that they cannot see it and say it's wonderful.
$240000 dollars for a lot of triangles is the same idea. Talk a lot of meaningless jargon about it and sensible people are scared to say that it's rubbish in case they look stupid. It;s the people who are taken that are stupid.

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