would it be illegal to buy cds for cheep on amazon and like sell the cds for more than you bought them for?

in general i am saying can you buy cds you don't want just to sell them for twice the amount you bought them for?

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You are the OWNER of the specific content as well as the physical media so go ahead. The digital rights protection fascists of the liberal music publishing cartel on the Web have no power over CDs unless played over commercial radio.

6 months ago

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Not illegal.

However.......who would buy them?????

by Wayne Z - 6 months ago

Sure. It'd be fine.

by Donald - 6 months ago

Why would anyone pay you the higher price when they can just as easily get them for the same cheaper price that you got them for?

by Ryan M - 6 months ago

Isn't this what every retail store does?

It is only illegal if you know the CDs are stolen or bootlegs.

Oh, we should probably mention that buying for the purpose of reselling means you are operating a business. It's illegal to do that without complying with all the local, state and federal requirements for licensure and taxation.

by BBG - 6 months ago