I have an idea for a ground breaking new social media website. Where do I start?

I have an idea for a new social media website that is completely unique and will change the world.

....if I can get it started.

I am asking for everyone's advice in the matter!

Please provide any advice you can about anything such as patenting, information about kickstarter or similar websites (legal), to acquiring the funding, the amount of funding needed, etc.

All advice is appreciated! Thank you!

PS: I will remember who helped me. ;)

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Some professional inventors will tell you good ideals alone are a dime a dozen, other successful sites were typically the result of the lucky combination of skills circumstances and timing.
I could imaging your having to invest some thousands of your own money to crate a working proof of concept before you could interest investors.

6 months ago

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great ambition. you need a plan, you need a good SUPPORTIVE well rounded team, you'll need some starting funds, and you will need faith.

I just watched the social network yesterday for the umpteenth time and yeah i think that should do it.

by Crew - 6 months ago

You can get rise fund by posting your business model in crowd funding sites like, , etc..

Regarding social networking scripts you can approach Agriya.


by dani - 6 months ago

obviously the first step is to get the web site up and running, if you need financial assistance, that is probably your first priority

by tro - 6 months ago

m launching my social networking site which has better features then facebook on 14th feb do want to share your idea with me?

by Ashish - 4 months ago

Well, First of all you need a prototype (running website) & a good business plan. We have a social idea too, So you can get help from us.

by muhammad - 3 months ago