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    Do marketers get you interviews?

    *I know that marketer deal with promoting. But say you wanted to sell a book, would they give you a interview like with a tv show to promote your book. *And if marketers don't do that you dose. What is there job name for the person that helps you do that?
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    More typical an Agent, or a similar form of representation would get you interviews. Some web sites where experts can be found for interviews, (often for the purposes of self promotion) http://www.guestfinder.com/ more than 200 authors listed who might be anxious to be interviewed. Said to be the biggest Biggest Q&A site: http://www.allexperts.com/ has a categorized directory of experts, not sure if they are accessible for interviews. http://www.experts.com/ Probably expensive consultants, they pay >= $250 to be listed http://www.expertclick.com/ Certified and informal experts directory
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