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    I keep getting private offers from people I know?

    In the past month I've received a Phone call and a Facebook message from two different people (people I actually know, NOT strangers) asking me if I'd "like to make a little extra cash." I say perhaps to see what they say and they always get very discrete. The guy on the phone call said that he has to let me on this website to answer my questions, but will give NO details. The guy on facebook asked if I could "watch a video today and get back to him." I am not falling for these, but WHAT ARE THEY? Curiosity is killing me.
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    How well do you know them? If they are not giving you more info, then you should know what is going on. Most of these make a little extra cash things are scams.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • i think you want money so you are excited to do this and you are clarifying about this, am i right? listen buddy don't fall for this may be a cheat, yes there are ways for easy money but good to check them before and emails of such thing are always pranks so plz do not go for it. or you may ask about this to one who sent this.

      by Sanket - 13 hours ago

    • This is just some cheats deceptive means, I have always received such email, It does not matter

      by Howard H - 13 hours ago

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