Is there any way to remove a business listing on yelp (the review mafia)?

Yelp is WELL known for extorting businesses, hiding ("filtering") their good reviews and highlighting their bad reviews if they refuse yelp's $300/month or whatever service. It looks like they're getting away with it too.

I feel horrible for my friend, one nutjob (potential) customer left a bunch of false negative reviews for his business & yelp has left those but hid all the positive reviews they got over the years because they refused yelp's service (which is simply to not screw your business over & to hide the bad reviews - as long as you pay up). It's basically small business extortion.

Has anyone had this problem and was able to get their business removed from yelp? If not, does anyone have any out of the box ideas on how to at least help this?


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There is absolutely no way to remove your business from the infamous review mafia's site. I know. I have been trying for years.

McMillan Law Group in CA also tried to remove their listing, and even won a lawsuit recovering all advertising dollars they spent with the extortioners. Yelp still refuses to delete their listing, and has just recently filed their own suit against McMillan for writing false reviews. It's revenge at its finest.

The more you try, the more Yelp will harm your friend's business and the more good reviews they will filter out. It's best to just leave it alone and don't ever contact them.


7 months ago

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Type a letter to the Yelp webmaster to have them remove your listing. Try to find the physical address online.

by Mycatsmeow - 7 months ago

I found the opposite to be true. Yelp tends to remove negative reviews.

by Robbie - 2 months ago