What types of artwork can I legally show on my portfolio site?

I've worked for a company for over 6 years and created a lot of professional artwork for this company.

I'm updating my resume and my online portfolio, however I'm worried about posting screenshots of artwork that I've done for the company I currently work for.

The CEO of the company is extremely sensitive to competitors seeing what we do. It's actually a bit ridiculous because our company doesn't do anything special or secret. I'm concerned about him coming after me with some sort of legal action.

What can I legally get away with sharing? The employment agreement does say that anything I create is the company's property. But my portfolio website will be super boring if I can't show anything that I've done over the last 6 years.
Thanks guys. If I replaced any text (i.e. used Lorem ipsum text) and put in fake logos--would that help my case?

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Why don't you just do some of your best artwork with a fake name company and use that on your portfolio.

Sorry but what everybody else said is quite true.

8 months ago

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Correct - the artwork you did during your employment is the property of the company ...

You will have to ask the CEO for permission ..

by Steve B - 8 months ago

You can show it only with the company's permission. As you point out, the artwork is a work product and belongs to the company, so you can get sued for copyright infringement if you use it.

by Steve D - 8 months ago