Is this site legit for buying Jordans?? HELP?

So I just came across this site and I wanted to know if it's legit? Pleaseee let me know asap :) thanks !

8 months ago - 2 answers

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Put it this way... my antivirus / malicious website detector just booted me off the entire Yahoo Answer Site after I tried to open your link.

Stay away from it, run antivirus program immediately... this site is not safe and whatever they did offer isn't real.

8 months ago

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Real Nike dealers don't offer 70% off, nor would they be allowed to use the Nike brand or product names in their web site name. Has to be Chinese counterfeits.

The domain name whois information that usually has owner contact information shows nothing, other than it's 8 months old, the registrar is based in Indonesia.

FYI 95% of the sneaker sites people ask about on Answers turn out to be Chinese counterfeit sites, watch out...doing a domain name whois lookup more often than not exposes Chinese ownership.

Here are some large respected shoe sites: (has free shipping and return shipping) did have some bad publicity after their customer database was hacked. ( Zappos owned clearance store) (shares facilities with Footlocker)

There are forums that are dedicated to sneakers, which can be educational.

Here's the official authorized store finder

by Jake - 8 months ago