How do find quality leads for business?

I am looking for quality leads for my business can anyone help?

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Go to places where prospects are likely to e.

Create a place ( a web site) that will attract prospects fitting your target demographic.

Pay sites or ad networks to put ads on demographically targeted sites, local businesses can ofter specify the maximum distance of a prospect location, so your ads aren't seen in Thailand.

Contact prospects with postcards, etc. at addresses rented from magazines, manufacturer warranty card dabases, etc. is a massive source of rental lists.

Pay a CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition) network to have your offer promoted by their professional marketer associates, depending on the sort of offer a lead might cost $1 to $100.
One option is to run a Pay Per Call advertising campaign, with a hired or your own call center handling prospect calls, qualifying any call lasting more than 3 minutes as a paid lead.

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The best leads are the ones you get yourself.
Learn to work the phone.

by Dion J - 8 months ago

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by Denise Szelagowski - 1 month ago