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    Is this legit?please help?

    I'm looking For work putting in applications online when I came across a work at home job by Mailing letters, so I went ahead and asked For more info . Today in the Mail was a letter saying For every letter you send you get paid about $75, do it at your pace in your own home it has and 1888 number and it asks For a $35 application fee and then they say they will send you the letters For you to Mail . Is this For real or is it Just taking your money? They say they pay you in cash, check or money order. sounds to good to be true right? Anyone our there doing this and really is real and good work?
    a few seconds ago 6 Answers

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    It's a scam. In fact, it's a very old scam. Don't spend a penny on it. Tip: Apply for jobs in person. It takes longer, but is far, far more successful than applying online. Hope that helps.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • It is a scam. You pay $35 and then you ultimately get paid $0. Any "job" with an upfront fee is a scam.

      by Wayne Z - 9 hours ago

    • Envelop stuffing scams are older than the internet, automated equipment allows any reputable company to get letters out faster and cheaper than relying on some stranger at home. Typically they stick you for the materials deposit, rejecting your work for some fabricated reason.

      by Jake - 9 hours ago

    • Baloney. A machine can spit out an envelope in a second or two. Why would they pay you 75 cents an envelope. They'll take your $35 and that will be the end of it.

      by Hannah - 9 hours ago

    • think about it this way. How are they going to know if you mailed them or not. and how are they going to know how many you mailed to pay you? will they just send you some mailings and just let it ride or are you paying them 35$ to get some mail for you to mail for nothing in exchange. if it's too good to be true then it more times then not is!

      by █ VULDAM █ - 9 hours ago

    • You and thousands of other people will lose $35. This scam has been around for years Why would ANYONE pay a person $75 to send out a letter when they could get any mailing house to send out 100 letters a minute for less than $10? Of course this is not true. Google Envelope Stuffing Scam -- there have not been any at home mailing/stuffing jobs since the early 1980s. Everything is done by machine now quickly and very cheaply

      by Kittysue - 9 hours ago

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