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    Tips for middle school magazine drive (stuff from own experience)?

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    I've not done a magazine drive before but I have a thought. Find someone who can draw a cartoon. Have the cartoon be of a person, leaning, their back against a stack of magazines higher than they are, a pile across from them with a cat sleeping on it, A pile next to the cat pile, in front, being held up by the person's foot, Then on the top, have a 'Ding, dong' indicating said person has someone at the door. Above the cartoon in big letters, put, "Don't let it Happen To You, Support Our School!" Another idea, for the more professional crowd, Have person sitting on a chair next to, or in the background, a door marked 'Office'. Have an exasperated look on person's face with magazine cover in front of them of something, so far in the past, It's funny. Hawaii joins the union, Nixon resigns, Even the photo of when the press MISTAKENLY reported WW2 was over. Same header would work: "Don't let it Happen To You, Support Our School!" I'm sure with those suggestions, you can come up with others, a pile falling over the car as person pulled into garage, etc.
    a few seconds ago

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