Can I sell pictures/how can I sell them?

I find myself a pretty good photographer. I was planning on starting a website and sell my pictures online, but I remember that it costs money to make a website. Is there a way I can sell pictures off of Flickr? If not, where can I sell them?

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Okay, so you've got pictures. Now i'm not going to say anything about the pictures as such - if you're using online marketing techniques, there are some two billion people out there all of whom have different tastes.

There should be enough of them for you to make a business through selling your pictures.

Actually, it could be that by the time you've set up in business, you'll have found other and better ideas - only you like photography and we'll start there.

My advice is to set up your website. It need not cost the earth. Choosing a name for your website is far more important. Either do this through Wordpress or weebly or whatever, if you go for your own hosting you can install the wordpress platform and work on from there. You can get really cool templates from Arcsin. Wordpress is pretty straightforward, and as long as you treat the "experts" with care, they might deign to help you with technical problems.

The hard bit is engaging, and you've crossed the first hurdle with your photos. Even more important is finding out what they like (and don't like) about your photographs. You can do this online through twitter, pinterest and facebook.

Don't forget to have a newsletter for those who really like what you do. Mailchimp has a free service for this which will do you nicely.

It's all a bit of a learning curve, only remember that you've already got your niche. It will take time, and you will make mistakes. You will learn, and you will learn what sells and what doesn't. Learning what does means you have a business. The other stuff is art (and can command far higher prices!!)

Hope this helps.


10 months ago

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that's what everyone think about their photos

by UnidentifiedHumanBeing - 10 months ago

There are stock art licensing sites that will pay you a cut for marketing your photos, that would be the easiest way to handle it.

This guy sells a sort of course/membership on the subject

by Jake - 10 months ago

sell them from a shop, oh wait, that costs money, funnily enough so does a website

by b - 10 months ago

Visit htttp:// its a really great website for sharing and selling your photos. It's easy to use and doesn't cost u any monet ;-))

by Yulia Sl - 3 months ago