Blogs or websites for my books?

I would like to have a blog or maybe a website. I have Tumblr right now, but I'm not impressed with it. I need something to showcase my books (I'm an author) and give links to book stores where people can buy them. What would be best for that? Which ones do you recommend?



I'm looking for a better blog than I have right now or maybe a website. Which blog or website host do you recommend?

Example: Tumblr (which I have), Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. OR which web hosting site do you recommend?


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I would suggest you to go for both -
Be sure to set up a site that enables people to purchase the book. Offer Paypal and any other relevant payment options.
Sell copies on a renowned online auction site. Keep the auctions rolling over all the time. Include an excellent description of the book and its contents.
Seek out bloggers to help you. Offer a free copy of your book in return for a review. Offer to guest post too but if the blog does offer you a guest post, make it clear that you are the author and therefore biased about your own book!

10 months ago