Is camp deposit and entry fee the same?

I have this send this application through mail for camp. The camp costs $225 but it says to only put the entry fee along with the application form. So do I just pay the entry fee and pay the entire cost at registration day at camp?

Also it doesn't say how much the entry fee is but in the application it says "Enclosed is my camp deposit of $50.00, which I understand is nonrefundable" Im guessing this is the entry fee?

Also It says on the first day of camp to bring "Balance of camp tuition" Does it mean the entire camp? Do I pay the $225 or the $175 because I already payed $50 for the camp deposit?

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The $50 deposit is to demonstrate your commitment to attend. It should be deducted from the total so you pay a $175 balance on arrival.

10 months ago