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    selling music online....starting a business?

    I want to start a business, I want to sell something that I know will be around for ever. I want to do my sales online, I was thinking to create a website to where I can sell music online and movies like iTunes, but for a cheaper price. I was wondering how could I make this happen. that's one idea my next idea is to sell electronics online, or baby/kid items, at least starting off I plan to start a LLC please give me an idea of how to get this going. I have found a website that'll get my business going , but I think I need to have a legitimate business plan first before jumping into it.
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    Music isn't an easy pay. You should be focused on having a really good/unique voice before just hoping into the industry expecting to make a good payout, and that's extremely difficult to do. It's good to see you're taking the proper steps in having websites make you money but you'll need to do a lot more than that. The cost to produce your own high quality music is pretty expensive and as I mentioned earlier... you need the good voice. Simple way to prove your voice, sing to people that will critic you based on comparative ratings. Also: if music was as easy as you described, everyone would be doing it.
    2 years ago

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    • It's really tough to carve out a space in a competitive field for a new site, be aware many of the large successful sites were not profitable, in some cases for years, considering the relationships that must be established with each publishing company I suspect there would be significant legal costs to start a music sales business. The majority of people who try to make money on the internet fail, without some competitive advantage, special resources or skills, it will take some luck to make it work. You might first try sales through a marketplace like Ebay or Amazon where an established audience of prospects is provided, getting prospects to a site can be the highest cost, in some cases higher than the cost inventory. Having owner supplier costs than the competition is probably one of the most important factors.

      by Jake - 13 hours ago

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