Does anyone out there remember this commercial from the 70's?

I believe it may have been the early 70's. There was a commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle, which featured the Kraftwerk song: Autobahn in the background. t might even have been in the late 70's. I can't recall.. There was also a commercial for Pillsbury Space Food Sticks (a snack that looked like a stick of beef jerky). It came in chocolate, vanilla, etc. The ad said "The same snacks eaten by astronauts in space", or something like that. It may have featured a chimp in a space suit.Does anyone on this forum remember these commercials? If you're not old enough, I don't need your smart remarks, please!
I should've said "commercials", not commercial. The second commercial may have even been the late 60's. I vaguely remember. The second one is actually on YouTube. I haven't seen it again though, so my details may have been sketchy.

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I remember the Space Food Sticks one. I also have 4 full boxes of them from the 70's (3 different boxes) (1974-1976). Not the new ones. I mean the original ones from the 70's. My Mom used to put them in our school lunches.

The 70's ruled.

I have the exact box in this commercial... unopened:

I also have this box:

Then I have a blue box, unopened and another black box, opened with half the sticks still in it.

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