How to Make Money for a 13 Year Old?

I'm 13 and I make youtube Videos. I need Money To Get a camera mostly. But If I can raise Enough I would want, Editing Software, MicroPhone, and New Computer. I know that is a lot but im willing to work hard. Please Give REAL things. I've tried dog sitting. My Neighborhood is not big on people trying to do services for them or getting them to buy things. Also I'll Give bonus to people who have youtube channels and could give me tips.

Youtube Channel:

How My Room Looks:

How I want it to look for my studio:

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You don't need an expensive camera just're just starting out. you might change your mind in a few months.
i'm guessing you own a smart phone or at least know somone who does..use an iphone or an iphone is better though
get lots of your windows and turn on all your lights
you can get a cheap microphone on amazon
look what i filmed on an ipod

i edited with sony vegas pro 11..get a good could get a trial
theres final cut pro for mac
videopad for mac, windows
sony vegas and adobe after effects, windows

editing professionally is kind of complicated so you can email me if you need help


10 months ago