How is a scam?

Its funny they state on their website they offer a money back guarantee and they have a ton of friends on the company facebook page to vouch for them as well as a lot of YouTube videos they use to back themselves up as a company a look real. There are even several websites and blogs that talk this company up? Please explain how this company is doing this as a fraudulent company?

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It's funny how you just defined a legitimate business.

10 months ago

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Simple. It's not fraudulent. is both a real and legitimate service. They are TRUSTe certified and a McAfee secured website.


by Dessie - 10 months ago is real. They are well-known for their member benefits and opportunities for members. I have used their job board and have had a interviews as a result of applying through them.

by Garth - 10 months ago

This is funny, because is real and accredited. Funny what you can read on the internet

by Vadim - 10 months ago