Things that I can put into my resource kit for children services?

Need to make a resource kit for my Cert two children services classs and I need help
I need to find activties for these different subjects
Gross Motor Play
Fine Motor Play
Messy play/paint
Special events (Easter, christmas, Mothersday and Fathersday)

Aanything that is suitable for chidren in Childcare and sites would be helpful. Thankyou in advance :)

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Use Pinterest it has so much on creative ways to use stimulative play for children with autism or in general, also lots of great games and unique Ideas that will thrill the kids and parents.

You create a board and pin pictures to the board and if you click on them you find the instruction. I love the picture board because it helps me sort through all the great things I come across easier.

Here is my board to give you an Idea

11 months ago