Can I use my parents Information to write for Associated Content or Hubpages?

I want to make money writing articles online but Im only 16. Would it be ok to use my parents information and have the money sent to my house (their house too obv). If not does anyone else know a website I could write on to make some money?

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With their approval, a bank account is needed to cash he check they send you, actually most of the hubpages revenue comes through Google Adsense which might nee to verify a bank account as well.

Things changed at Associated Content, not sure the write payoff is as good now.

Squidoo is a similar site...

You get 60% of the Hubpages revenue, if you look at the long game, you might start your own blog where you would earn 100% of the revenue, it can take a long time to develop a readership but by the time your 18 it could earn some decent revenue.

Googler's has no paid upgrades, but again probably need a parent to sign up for Google and Adsense.

11 months ago