Where to sell stuff for good money?

I've got plenty of things at my house I'm wanting to sell because I have no use for them anymore and I'm getting a truck soon, and I want to add as much money I can to what I already have to get an even better one. I don't have a job, I'm only 15, but I'm getting my license soon, so that's why.

I'm wanting to sell things like:
-drum set
-old toys
-random stuff
Just anything I see around my house that I don't want or need anymore. Where is the best place to sell these things at quickly and non-ripped off? Thanks

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I recommend ebay, amazon and craigslist, but be sure to have good photos…Just be sure to mention that it is used and indicate the current condition of the products if they are not pristine.

12 months ago

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Melody hit most of the major ones.

You may be able to find a local "brick-and-mortar" Ebay store.
I forget what they are called. You basically consign your stuff
to them and they do the work of selling it and then pay you
some amount afterwards.

I also found a few sites awhile back when I was looking to
unload some of my stuff. Maybe you'll find one or more that
are helpful.

BTW, I spend a fair amount of time online and I run into
a LOT of websites and sources that are all about
earning money, selling products and getting rid of your
products among other things. Feel free to get a hold of me
if you want some additional info or other sites that would help
you. I like to help people when I am inundated with info lol.


by porscheslantnosecoupe - 12 months ago

ebay duh

by Patrick Star - 12 months ago