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    How much should I pay someone to take pictures and write a short description to sell on eBay?

    I am having someone take pictures and write short descriptions. How much should I pay them to do that?
    a few seconds ago 2 Answers

    Best Answer

    You have to be kidding. Why would you pay someone to do something you can do for free? The idea of selling on eBay is to make money, not spend it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • You should LEARN HOW TO TAKE PICTURES and DO YOUR OWN Ebay account. You should be paying them at the very least $20.00 per day to this for up to 4 hours. I teach people in person how to do this for a one time fee of $75.00 when people answer my ads on craigslist. But I'm teaching them to do it themselves I dont do it for them. I'll ad also you better trust that person too because if they have your ebay password you better go change that as well otherwise when they are not with you, they can use your account and MONEY to buy anything they want to on ebay. And remember your ebay account is also linked TO your paypal and bank account. And yea why would you spend money having someone else place your ads? why not just give that person all your trying to get them to list because you cant make any money paying them to place your ads.

      by reasonable-sale-lots - a day ago

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