i need a slogan for...?

I need a slogan for my product extension assignment.
We are planning on adding a variety of fragrances for Axe's Dray shampoo products for men.
One of which is called " Revamp"
What I'm looking for is a good "Axe-like" slogan for these products. Either that or names for the other fragrances.

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To seduce a skanky tramp, wear Revamp!

13 months ago

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"Buy Axe or we will kill you"

.....You shouldn't ask these questions on Yahoo and expect a serious answer

by qwerty - 13 months ago

want to have a pit of pamp-ering? try revamp!

by Sophie - 13 months ago

Upgrade your hair.
Axe, Revamp.

by Richard - 13 months ago