Coupon websites with the same coupons?

I found so many websites that claim they have coupons but they all seem to direct you to other coupon sites and then those always have the same coupons up, they never put up new ones!! I've signed up for these coupon sites but its getting frustrating seeing the same ones constantly. Why???? What sites do you use?

13 months ago - 3 answers

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Well, the thing is, there are only so many legal manufacturer's coupons out there. You can check sites like,, RedPlum, SmartSource, or just write certain manufacturers. You receive the best coupons by writing to the company directly. Those are the highest coupons available to you. Basically blogs can only post about a coupon, site, etc... they just cannot invent a coupon for you to use, because that would be illegal.

13 months ago

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Groupon! It is the best thing ever! They have really good deals, ad they always update their stuff!!!

by Sandra - 13 months ago

I use for Amazon coupons, for other general coupons, groupon for local deals.

by alan - 2 months ago