Can I sell a band shirt I made myself?

Hi, I found a font on dafont that looked like the "Talking Heads True Stories" album font. I have a heat press, and created a Talking Heads shirt for myself (because they're one of my favorite bands). I have an etsy site, and my buddy Zach said I should try selling it there. But heres the thing, the shirt is white and says "TALKING" in black with a red rectangle below it saying "HEADS" with the font in white to emulate the album art. I was wondering if I would get into legal trouble for selling this design on a shirt on etsy. I made the design on Photoshop myself, and it looks like this:
except the red is brighter and the words are more spread out because I don't think I have the *exact* font that they used. Would I get into legal trouble for selling a shirt like this?

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To do so legally, you would need to purchase the licensing rights to use the band name in merchandise for resale. Read Etsy's ToS - I'm sure they prohibit this.

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I think you can but you have to put in the description that it is not an official shirt from the band.

by Cristian - 1 year ago