when will i get my stuff from ebay?

what does this mean

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
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Mar-17-13, 17:26 PM, GUANGZHOU

Mar-14-13, 15:47 PM

I purchased it on march 11 and it has been 13 days. when will i get my item

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if you don't receive your item, DO NOT contact paypal or ebay immediately, that is the wrong thing to do!! You contact your seller FIRST!! It's not the sellers fault if things get lost, give your seller the opportunity to work with you first.

As for when you will receive your item, it depends on where it's coming from. Is it an international sale? Box shipments can get stuck in customs etc. It can take a lot longer than 13 days, especially if it's international.

1 year ago

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Contact the seller

by Ihavemanyquestions - 1 year ago

Sounds ok to me. Just keep eyes on and if you don't receive your item contact PayPal.

by zig - 1 year ago

ask the seller

by b - 1 year ago