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    I'm thinking of starting a medical alert business - do you think there is a demand for this?

    The medical alert would be an alert flash drive with all of the patient's medical information. This could be looked at in an emergency simply by inserting it into a computer. I think it's critical for people with seizures or diabetes but family members say there's no demand. What do you think?
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    Medic Alert has been around for many years. One wears a bracelet engraved the name of the problem or problems, and an 800 number that us staffed 24/7 with people who have your full medical information at their fingertips. There are also cheaper versions without the number.
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    Other Answers

    • As medical alert industry is growing rapidly so you have a great future. You can start your business right now.

      by Thomas - 37 minutes ago

    • There are already things like medical alert bracelets etc. Your challenges would be the product-side (maintaining confidential information) and customer side (promotional spend to make people aware of it), as well as making sure it would work when needed. A medical app would be far smarter.

      by robert m - 37 minutes ago

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