No one is buying my products from Shopify? What am I doing wrong?

I recently opened a brand new store on Shopify and created my own domain. I have Payment methods, Shipping methods, and all the bells and whistles set up. I have a pretty big stock to begin with, and I am currently expanding it. I have loads of visitors per day, yet no one is purchasing my products. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, and what I should do to get more orders and customers?
My website is
Thank you for your help

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You need to do at least four things:

- give much more information about your products
- check how your prices compare to other sites
- add a physical address and landline telephone number (to reassure people you are 'real')
- get your site sorted out. Vastly unimpressed to read: 'Hey guys! We have added our first products to the catalog. For some reason these products aren't on the frontpage so please make sure to hit the Catalog button to view our other products!' It makes you sound utterly incompetent - why would I order from you?

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You do not have any content on the site, only products.
Write some reviews on coffee or on the devices you are trying to sel

by Douglas - 1 year ago

I think you have greatly underestimated the importance of the sales process, it would probably be worthwhile to get some tutorial material on optimizing sales funnels, don't assume some a template someone provided is anywhere near optimal for making sales.

Your home page makes the most underwhelming first impression I have seen on a store site, with only a tedious small text introduction, I don't know if you have tracking software like Google Analytics installed that tells you the bounce rate, I suspect you would find a large percentage leave within 15 seconds when they aren't immediately shown, with engaging graphics just what the site is about.

Commonly a smaller store site should get a 1% to 4% conversion rate, meaning in 100 to 1 in 25 should be making a purchase, if you have had hundreds of visitors with no sales it's time for a redesign, successful stores are constantly trying slight design variations in design using split testing comparisons of 2 slightly different designs, (for that to work you need a significant number of visitors and sales already generating statistics). Just changing the color of a buy button to a redish-orange (not green for go, not red) has been proven to increase sales:
Large sites like Amazon, have refined their sales process to achieve an over 10% conversion rate.

Your most immediate need may be a featured product collage header/splash image, perhaps some special priced items or a graphic menu of the main product categories, you have to make that home page more inviting and engaging to get people to begin the shopping process.
You could probably get some graphics person on to create an attractive collage from your catalog pages for $5, something more professional would probably even do more for you.

"! Scroll through our catalog page to view the products available at our store, and buy what best suits your needs!" is not very engaging sales copy, though it is a 'call to action'

" different types of categories, such as superautos, semi-autos, manuals, capsules, refurbished, as well as accessories for espresso machines, grinders, replacement parts, coffee beans, Monin syrups, coffee cups, cappuccino cups"
Don't just say it, SHOW IT try to represent all of those categories mentioned in graphic representations on the home page, either as menu illustrations or in the main product collage/logo.

Do something with the blog, not only can it help create a relationship with your prospects and customers, it can help search ranking as well, you also might have a coffee guides section for the same reasons, as well as demonstrating you are an authority on the subject.

by Jake - 1 year ago


Your website looks really bland. Add more pictures!


by Sunflower Yellow - 1 year ago