Does it make a huge or some difference whether one has a free website vs. a paid one?

Does it really matter?

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If your building a website to promote an offer for something to be ordered on....use a paid website...more control.

If your building a website just to get exposer or voice your opinion about a certain product or service use a free one like or no they will not cancel your website unless it's illegal or to Spammy....

I have used, and Blogger in the past and never had any issues....

PS: The only other thing I would highly suggest is getting a domain name for your website that can be bought at go daddy or some other sites relatively cheap for about $4 and use that domain name and have it forwarded to your main when you posting links for back linking purposes any one that clicks on your domain name will be redirected back to your'll get alot of visitors that in the Case above the Trout Fishing Blog I made that in November 2012 and already surpassed 1,100 views because I posted my blog url on all the major fishing forums and discussion sites........

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As big a actor as any, a paid site gives you more certain control of your product, a free host can close your account on a whim, they can limit your site revenue sources, clutter it with their on ads in some cases. If you use a free host that allows a custom domain name, which costs you about $12 a year, you can preserve backlinks and search ranking should you have to recreate the site on another host. A custom name makes your site appear more professional and trustworthy and includes a way to lookup the owner of the site, unless you pay a proxy registrar. Google's is a free host with no paid upgrades like most others have and don't charge for you using a custom domain source of your choice like Godaddy or Namecheap.

A paid hosting account will tend to have better page loads and perhaps better security, though small players are crammed together on a shared server. You typically get a choice of dozens of open source platforms like the ever popular Wordpress that may be installed on the server, most common $8/mo "unlimited" accounts allow you to add as many sites as you want.

There are some 435,000 accounts on Etsy, so yea it can be tough to be found, some pay for sponsored search result ads or promote their store with a number of other sites, things like a Pinterest page. I believe you can examine the sales history of other sellers to get a feel for how their business is going, I don't believe you have to earn trust with a previous transaction history to the degree that an Ebay seller has to, having very unique offers is probably a bigger issue.

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