SWOT Analysis BUSINESS PEOPLE.. please help me?

i wanna add a point to my SWOT diagram: " high advertising revenue due o cost-effective advertising" meaning hat other companies want to put their ads on the company's website because of cost effective advertising..
do i put it as an opportunity or a strength and why?

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If it's already in place and bringing in revenue, then list it as a strength. If it's something you can see as a direction to grow, then list it as an opportunity. If its both, then list it under both categories.

In any event, I would rephrase it to be more clear. You felt you had to explain it to us, so it could use some clarification. You might want to state it differently under each category to make it more clear.

Strength: Web site is attractive to outside advertisers due to low cost and is driving revenue for us.
Opportunity: Grow third party web site advertising segment.


1 year ago