Why is stuff priced like this? Confused?

I was at the grocery store tonight. A whole, raw, gotta cut it up yourself whole foster farms chicken was anywhere from $9.89-$11.27, depending on the size. Similar size whole, hot, roasted and ready to eat chicken was ready from the deli for $6.49. Not on sale, but regular price for both items.

Why is the chicken that's hot and ready to eat that took far more labor to make and set out a good 2-3 bucks cheaper than a whole, raw chicken I gotta got home and cut up myself?

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Chicken is sold by the pound. Maybe the deli chicken was smaller than the packaged chicken. Products are also sold by brand, and maybe the Foster Farms chicken could command a higher price than the no-name chicken in the deli. Maybe the cost of preparation in the deli is not as high as you suspect since the payroll for the deli is spread over all the products from cheese to cole slaw to sausages and may be just pennies per chicken. And finally, in many ways it is the customer that sets the price. If people buy the Foster Farms chicken at the higher price then they are choosing that price by their purchases. If you want the price to come down, don't buy their chicken. If enough people don't buy it, they will reduce the price until people do buy.

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