Why isn't my main site earning with Adsense?

I"m really confused with Adsense. I have 2 URL with ads on it, but the URL that has more traffic doesn't get any profit. All time stats:
BLOG 1 - 210 Views 1 Click $0.70 CPC $3.33 Page RPM Estimated Earnings $0.70

MAIN BLOG 3,473 views 1 click $0.15 CPC $0.04 Page RPM Estimated Earnings $0.15

I have maybe 3 posts on BLOG 1 and never update it, I update MAIN BLOG regularly. What am I doing wrong?

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It depends on the market you are targeting for your blogs and the keywords you are using on that site. If you are promoting something that has an average CPC of less than $1.00, then you chose the wrong market to target for Adsense. Look at the keywords you're using on your blogs and the products being promoted.

Also remember, your site isn't the only one in that market. You only get a percentage of any CPC, not the entire amount. CPC is the amount the advertiser pays Google, not the amount Google pays you.

Another problem may be you are in a highly competitive market. Did you include "competition" for the keywords you targeted? If not, then you may have a saturated market for the keywords you have and that means there are likely serious affiliates in that market too.

1 year ago