best paid social bookmarking websites that really works?

I want to know websites like stumble upon, bookmarking websites which can increase traffic to my website. It will be great if you could update me on same.

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You might have a look at
which facilitates getting posted on multiple accounts in several social bookmarking sites, they suggest that being mentioned on multiple accounts improves the power of the sties.

They have an bookmark exchange system people can participate in for free, or you can tap into that workforce with a paid account without you having to do the bookmarking or having your own accounts on the 13 or so different sites. You have to provide a spinnable provide post that can be automatically rewritten in a number of unique versions.

I have not seen the effectiveness of such social bookmarking sites in terms of actual traffic generation, but they still may help search ranking a bit, the real power is to get voted onto the first page of these sites where the big search rank is.

1 year ago

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I would gain them through social media syndication. They are better quality then social exchange sites because of spam and abuse. If you use content syndication then you will basically give people ability to book-mark your links for you and these people pay for services like or which allows them to publish content on up to 50 social networks, and then use a syndication service like which gives them ability to post on other people's social profiles.

It is a new social media marketing strategy being used by many of the top marketers online.

by wisdom - 1 month ago