HELP! I cannot complete any surveys!?

I'm living in Denmark. All the surveys i am doing doesn't unlock the file i want to download. Do i have to put +45 on the survey before doing it? Or else it's probably some idiots trying to make money or something. Scams is one of the most annoying things i have ever know in my life... What am i doing wrong? HELP!

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So you really think surveys really pay?
Hasn't anyone ever told you that these are just scams?
You have no friends that could have told you this?

The internet is a vast galaxy of SCAMS.
Try to make money from it, and the scammers will take full advantage of you.
Get a real job, with a real employer, at a real location, for real pay.

1 year ago

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They are scams. Stay away from them.

by Auntie Mame - 1 year ago