(Help) Question about designing a Donut Box?

Good day,

So I was appointed to design a donut box for some company. They already had a design but want to redesign it at this moment. Plus they would change the box's supplier (different box specification) later. My clients are in US.

The point is, they don't know yet the size of the box, nor how the prints work with the new supplier. They want me to redesign only the visual of top side of the box (add some pictures, company logo, etc). It's the only side that designed on their current box.

My client said they're currently searching a company whom have the box or make the box, and print my design on it. So I think my work would be only designing the graphic, not make the packaging. What do you think?

Can I give the design (with top side dimension as canvas) to my client, and let the future supplier to fit the design to the box themselves? Since they have the structure template (or the pre-made box), I hope they can adjust my design into the top side of their box (without me having the box structure). Is that possible?

And do you perhaps know the size of Kripsy Kreme dozen box size?

Sorry for the bad English / grammar, thank you very much for your opinion.

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Make sure police can run with it and you'll be a millionaire.


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