Taking my idea to a company?

I have a new idea on how window blinds should look and I want to make a prototype.
I want to go in and talk to someone about making them for me. (I live outside Kansas City)
Am I able to go into a factory that is close by or what, how would I have to approach it to get what I want. Which is for a company that makes window blinds to make me a single blind with a slight modification.
Or I could do the modification my self but I would want to be able to resell it.

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Most good ideas aren't as original as one thinks, if you happen to have a patentable innovation you would probably not want to show it to those in the bet position to steal the idea, that's why some inventors work secretly in their garage, at least get some relatively uninterested party to do the work for you after signing some sort of non disclosure, non compete form you can probably find.

There are lots of invention assistance services that will help you to the tune of thousands of dollars no matter how unrealistic an idea may be.

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First you will want to check to see if it has been done. If not then you will have to probably pay for the prototype out of pocket before selling it to a company. Or find an investor or PE company, but unless you have a track record, they will not finance the project, especially if you don't plan to grow it personally. (The business). You could also try for a loan, but you will need to have at least credit, and a current income to repay the loan.


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