What is the safest fake shoe website to buy from?

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Those Chinese dealers are always risky, they are already dodging the counterfeit police, so ripping you off will generally have no consequences.

You might start with one that has a youtube review showing the package being opened, check the site owner whois info
to see that it's well over 3 months old, then do a web search for: "" scam to look for complaints about being ripped off.


Here are some large respected shoe sites: (has free shipping and return shipping) did have some bad publicity after their customer database was hacked. ( Zappos owned clearance store) (shares facilities with Footlocker)

There are forums that are dedicated to sneakers, and can be educational.

1 year ago

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You've got to be freaking kidding. You want the cheapest fake shoes from china? And how long do you think they will last?

by Caren - 1 year ago

This is because you have fake feet? Or is that you're looking for illegal knock-offs?

by KMR - 1 year ago