Can you list some gadgets and inventions to make?

Can you list some gadgets and inventions to make from science fiction? I want products that everyone wants, it must be marketable, list as many as you can. Thanks.
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Star-wars sword, check this site

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A neural uplink to control vehicles.

Superconducting magnetic field generator. (Reverse MRI)

by blazintinman - 1 year ago

A gadget the people can use in place of their own lack of common sense.

This item would prevent them from purchasing most garbage advertised on TV, especially those that offer a "second one absolutely free... just pay separate shipping and handling"

It would also keep people from making bizarre statements about loving mathematics, science, physics, etc., while proclaiming they have a disposition based in astrological pseudo-science.

It would also knock them onto their posterior for making arrogant statements about their ability and prowess vs. an entire other class of people like biology students, for example.


by TomG - 1 year ago