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    Can I trust Amazon when the seller's name is a real brand name?
    I am about to order HP Pavilion p6-2120 Desktop (Glossy Black) from Amazon, and I wonder if it's fake or not. HP Pavilion p6-2120 Desktop (Glossy Black)'s seller name is HP, which is the name of the company. Can I trust them?
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    I saw one seller of a new version of that by HP product Brandnewdealsusa Feedback Rating: 4.8 stars over the past 12 months (64 ratings) I would have to say it's not a high target counterfeit item like sneakers and hand bags, Amazon i better than most marketplaces in keeping their sellers clean, though some do ship direct from China. You will probably see more normal shipping info.
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    • That is VERY VERY common on Amazon.

      by Ryan M - 8 hours ago

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