Is this a craigslist scam?

I am selling something on CL and someone said they would send a check then have someone come to my house and pick it up after I receive payment. This actually happened before with a similar item and it just seemed strange.

I'm just trying to think how they could scam me. The item is worth $500 so maybe they are hoping to pick it up and the check bounce? What if I waited on the check and made sure with my bank it was legit, then once i had the money I would be safe. But it just seems fishy and I'm wondering how this could be a scam and if others have gotten CL responses like this.

"Thanks for getting back to me let's do like this, actually now
I'm not in town for now, I came to visit my family so i wont be able
to meet with you to see the item but am ok with the price as seen on
the advert. I don't mind to give you $50 to withdraw the advert for
you to see how serious I am in the transaction, I will contact my
secretary to issuing a Check out to you and when you received
thecheck I will make arrangement for pick up. So get back to me
withbelow details to be on the check asap.

Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Selling Price:

And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to
youand I will let you know when its mailed out.I need you to be
honestwith the sale as I am a God fearing person.Note you don't need
to worry about shipping the items for me as soon as you have the
check and have the check cash my shipper will come over for pick up
and make sure you get back to me with the total amount of your Item"

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Typical counterfeit check scam. The problem with counterfeit checks is that they DO clear initially because they use a real person or company name and account number. It's not until the payee gets the cancelled check back with their next monthly statement, which could be 4 weeks from now, that they notice a check they did not write, they inform their bank who informs your bank and withdraws the $500 from your account. In the meantime your item is long gone and the police can't help as they gave a fake name

This is why Craiglist is very clear when they warn users that checks and money orders will be fake, AVOID all transactions that mention shipping and NEVER deal with anyone you cannot meet in person who will pay in cash or you will be scammed every time

1 year ago

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yes it is a typical scam. The check is fake but it might take your bank weeks/months to figure that out.

more red flags:
"wont be able to meet with you"
"the item" because they send the exact same email on every ad they see
" I am a God fearing person"

by Erik - 1 year ago

This really reads as a spam message. Anyone who has to tell you they're a God fearing If you get a better offer in cash, take it.

by ? - 1 year ago

Craigslist is for face to face cash only. The buyer will send you a phony check that will bounce weeks after you cashed it, sent your item and wired off "shippers" money. Old, old scam.

by John - 1 year ago

Of course it's a scam.
Tel this "buyer" not to worry about the check. You will hold the item for him and he can pay cash when he collects. You will never hear from him again.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 1 year ago