What do you think of my invention I have?

It's called Cigarette Aide, it's a disposable filter that fits over any cigarette, 100's, lights, slims, even Turkish Delight. You just put the Cigarette Aide over your normal cigarette and smoke and in moments it actually catches all that nastiness in the cigarette and you are just left with nicotine. When you are done just throw the Cigarette Aide away and walk away
and by nastiness I mean all the harmful chemicals that could kill you like cyanide and ammonia

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Yea they have add on holders like that, I don't know about the state of the art in filtering. People I know smoking low harm smokes wold tape over the filter vents or tear off the filter to get enough of a hit.

Those electronic smokeless ones are pretty much pure nicotine dispensers

1 year ago