Ok, so I am starting a blog and I need help with finding a GOOD name for it..

The blog is going to be more for the Urban market; like a mixture of People Magazine meets personal blog..I want to post helpful / insightful Relationship & Love Advice and also since I am into HIP-HOP music ( I am a Musician & Songwriter), I also wanted to post about my music and give updates and things like that..

Right now I am having a dilemma choosing a good name..something catchy, but something that also reflects on the type of content I'm doing (Hip-Hop music, Relationship and other categories)

Can someone help me out here??? It would be much appreciated and thank you all so much!!

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Normally I would say to lean for a basic descriptive name that can provide a tiny search ranking advantage and user recognition without expensive branding. But I don't know howt to condense a description of what your covering, I suppose something with Vibe in the name hints at music and lifestyle.

Urban Frontier
Urban Terrain
Urbanian Life

(Looking for the feel of navigating a wild west world in the city.)

You may find that all the really good .com domain name are already taken, get a .com if at all possible, if suitable for your country.

There are sites with tools that help you come up with fictitious names, including:,,,,, some of these tools look up the domain name availability as you go.
Any name not already used in a .com web site name is probably not trademarked.

the Godaddy bulk search link helps in checking availability of a list of ideas at a time.

Used it to find these are all available (yea not great))

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How about Modern Mash

by johnseymour - 1 year ago