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    How do I know these Tickets are fake or not?

    Hi! I am A BIG FAN of One Direction and recently I have seen some tickets for sale ($775) they are in section 15 (VERY CLOSE TO THE STAGE!!) and sometimes those tickets cost like $3,000 and they are good seats but the price is soo good for those seats im scared they are FAKE! She said we can meet up and this is my first time buying tickets from someone online (through person) also I do not want to buy fake tickets $775 each and just waist money for a piece of paper (Buying 2 so that would be $1500). So here are my BIG questions... 1.If I meet her and she gives me the two tickets how do I know they are fake?? 2. If they are fake how can I report her?? Thank you guys I just dont want to get scammed and they are my FAVORITE BOYBAND!
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    Unless you have original tickets in your hand, there is NO way you can tell if they are fake or not. You can report her but the police will tell you it's a civil matter and you'll have to sue in civil court to get your money back. To do so, you'd need her real full name and home address -- and a scammer can easily give you a fake address and fake name
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    • If the price is to good to be true it probably is. Buy from a reputable ticket site such as Ticket Shack.

      by ? - 8 hours ago

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